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Application Process

  1. Choose the course you wish to apply for. Make sure you fulfil the criteria of the course.
  2. Choose your accommodation, if you wish to reserve it already at this point.
  3. Choose your social programme, if you wish to reserve it already at this point.
  4. If you need a visa, get a scan of your passport.
  5. Go to the application system to submit your application. If your home university has an agreement with the Helsinki Summer School or you will receive a scholarship from your home university, please mention this on your application form.
  6. Wait for your acceptance.
  7. Once you have received an e-mail confirming your acceptance to the course and the instructions for paying, pay the fees within one week (seven days). Pay only the fees you have been instructed to pay. An acceptance and invitation letter for visa matters can be sent only after we have received your course fee.
  8. If you did not reserve accommodation or the social programme when you applied to the Helsinki Summer School, you can make the reservations later, provided that we still have room. Do not pay the fees before receiving a confirmation of your reservation and the instructions for paying.
  9. Get prepared for the course. Check out your course area in Moodle. Your credentials will be sent in batches in June and July depending on your application time.
  10. Prepare for your journey. We highly recommend having an insurance, as the Helsinki Summer School does not have insurance on your behalf.
  11. Make sure you have paid everything before coming to Helsinki.



Finland is a party to the Schengen Agreement, which allows people to move freely within the Schengen area (all the Nordic countries and the EU with the exception of Great Britain and, Ireland and Cyprus). Accordingly, anyone entering Finland from within the Schengen area needs only a valid passport or some other official document issued for travelling purposes.  Students coming from outside of the Schengen area will need a passport and possibly also a visa.

How can I find out if I need a visa?

Check the list provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland to see if you need a visa in order to enter the Schengen area.

If you need a visa:

Contact the nearest Finnish Embassy for further assistance.
Mark it in your online application and upload a scan of the first page of your passport to your application.


  • The Helsinki Summer School team cannot provide you with any assistance in obtaining a passport or visa.
  • We cannot guarantee that you will receive a visa – the Finnish authoritites make that decision.
  • We strongly recommend that you begin the application process for a visa as early as possible, as it may take many weeks. Please note our cancellation policy should your visa application be denied. We also recommend you do not pay the accommodation fee or the social programme fees before you have been granted a visa.

Make sure that your visa allows for a few travel days both before and after the Summer School session.