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Contact us


The next Helsinki Summer School will be organised in August 2017!



With technical questions concerning Summer School applications or payments, please contact us by email summer-school(at)

You may also call us: +358 (0)2 941 23425 or +358 (0)2 941 22287 - but please note that we are not able to answer to your calls at all times.

Starting from May 1, 2017 you may call us Mon-Fri from 10am to 3pm (GMT+2) +358 (0)2 941 23425 or +358 (0)2 941 22287.

With questions concerning course planning and coordination you may contact programme manager of the Helsinki Summer School: +358 (0)2 941 23424.



Helsinki Summer School
P.O. Box 3
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Organisation of Helsinki Summer School

In 2006 Helsinki Summer School’s administration was relocated at the Students Services unit of the Department of Strategic Planning and Development at the University of Helsinki. Policy recommendations with regards to the Helsinki Summer School are made by the Academic Steering Committee.

Summer School Staff

Ms. Pauliina Mikkonen

Senior Adviser

Ms. Kaisa Lainea

Programme Manager

Ms. Kati Väyrynen

Coordinator of Social Programme

Ms. Jessica Möter

Assistant Programme Manager / Admissions Adviser

Ms. Sonja Löfström

Programme Assistant

Academic Steering committee of Helsinki Summer School


Anna Mauranen

Vice-Rector of the University


Sini Saarenheimo

Helsinki Summer School, Head of Admissions Services


Sari Lindblom-Ylänne

Centre for Research and Development of Higher Education

Auli Toom

Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

Jaakko Kurhila

Open University

Sami Syrjämäki

Doctoral Schools


International Master's Degree Programmes

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