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Multi­discipli­nary & Innovative Courses


Feminist Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities


Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki




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Merle Wessel

Cai Weaver

Feminist Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Target students

Master’s degree students interested in feminist research methods from the Humanities and Social Sciences. Such as political science or international relations, area and cultural studies, gender studies, history, sociology, and anthropology. Particularly welcome are those who working on their Master’s thesis or are planning PhD studies.


This practical course educates students in how to do and carry out feminist research. We will focus on how feminist scholars challenge dominant theories of knowledge and the major methodologies employed in the social sciences and humanities.

Through lectures and workshops, we will ask how feminist theory shapes the kinds of research questions we ask, the types of materials we use, the methodologies we choose, and how we define our relationships with our subjects/materials.

Students are expected to conduct a short pre-assignment, actively participate in the workshop discussions, and critically reflect throughout the course.

Learning objectives

After the course, the students will be able to:

  • Plan and carry out a larger research project utilising feminist research methodologies.
  • Reflect upon the limits of conventional knowledge production in academia
  • Gain practical and creative skills to produce diverse forms of knowledge
  • Discuss politics of gender, race, class and sexuality in cross-cultural contexts
  • Recognise the diverse historical, cultural and political trajectories and forms of feminist politics
  • Critically engage with intersectional research methods and theories

Means and criteria of assessment

The students will be assessed on a scale of 1–5. The final course grade will depend on the completion of the pre-assignment, class participation, and a short final project.

Course format and teaching methods

Lectures, workshops and excursions. The interdisciplinary teaching methods combine traditional learning methods and feminist research methodologies, such as art, college marking, and poetry. The students require no practical experience of art making or doing feminist research.

Course Schedule

Location: City Centre Campus

Monday 6.8.2018 Registration begins
Tuesday 7.8.2018 Registration continues, HSS Opening Ceremony
Wednesday 8.8.2018 course begins

Course Schedule (pdf)