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Intensive Finnish Course


University of Helsinki, Language Centre




60 (+ the price of the course book, approx. 45 EUR) EUR Learn more




Leena Evesti

Target students

This course is targeted only for international students beginning their master’s degree studies in the autumn of 2018 at the University of Helsinki.


This intensive basic course in Finnish is for students accepted into University of Helsinki master’s programmes in autumn 2018. It offers incoming students the opportunity to study the Finnish language before the beginning of the University’s autumn term. The course includes 50 hours of teaching plus independent/group work (six hours of study a day on average).

Before the course begins, the participants are expected to take the online course A Taste of Finnish, so that they will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar as well as various phrases and elements of Finnish culture and society. The online course provides help in English.


Learning objective

The course offers incoming students the opportunity to begin studying the Finnish language before the University’s autumn term begins, so that it will be possible to continue with Suomi 2 courses in the autumn at the University of Helsinki. The aim is to learn to cope with simple everyday discussions, write brief texts on familiar topics and learn key vocabulary. The target level is A1.2.

Course format and teaching methods

Teacher: Päivi Vetsch, MA, University Instructor

The course consists of four contact lessons daily, and the students work in small groups / independently in the afternoons. This way the course learning objectives can be attained. The students are expected to participate actively in the various tasks and group work during the contact lessons. The online platform Moodle may be used for mixed mode activities (mainly independent work).

The course is taught in Finnish, which allows students to use the language straight away. The Finnish in Finnish method has been proven to accelerate and enhance learning; the course has been designed so that no other languages are needed. Nevertheless, students can always ask for help in other languages when the teachers are circulating in class supervising pair or group work, during breaks or after class.

Course readings

Accepted students: please purchase the book before the first lessons: “Suomen mestari 1. Suomen kielen oppikirja aikuisille” by Sanni Heinzmann, Sonja Gehring. Finn Lectura. Chapters 1–7. Additional material (handouts) by the teacher.

Means and criteria of assessment

Written test at the end of the course, assessed on the scale 0–5
4=very good

Oral skills are assessed continuously during the course. The end-of-course written test can be retaken once. The participants will receive a certificate stating the contents and the level of the course.

Course Schedule

Location: City Centre Campus


Monday 6.8.2018 Registration begins

Tuesday 7.8.2018 Registration continues, HSS Opening Ceremony

Wednesday 8.8.2018 Courses begin

Preliminary Course Schedule