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For whom & Testimonials

For Whom & Testimonials

Helsinki Summer School is perfect for you who have completed at least 2 years of university-level studies and wish to

  • earn credits during the summer
  • learn more about an interesting topic
  • freshen up your professional skills
  • carry out a short study period abroad
  • try out studying at the University of Helsinki

Helsinki Summer School is open to applicants from all over the world and courses are fully credited in your own university.

All courses are taught in English; therefore you need to be fluent in English. Please see also the Target Students section on each course page.

Céline, France

Céline is an ambitious young woman from France who came to Helsinki Summer School because she gets “bored very easily in the summer”. After surfing the web and finding that Helsinki Summer School offered an Introduction to Bioethics, she was hooked. “Instead of doing nothing between the semesters I’d have the occasion to go and meet all these people and of course discover interesting research material and get to know other teachers in my own field.”

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Farah, Indonesia

Farah applied to Helsinki Summer School from Indonesia

Farah took a leap of faith and applied to the Helsinki Summer School. Coming to Finland alone from Indonesia took some courage, but the effort was all worth it. Farah studies philosophy in her home university and here she is taking part in Intercultural Communication and Education.

“It’s mind-opening. The people, the course, this study and even the professors, lecturers, they’ve exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that I’ve gained a lot from what I’ve experienced so far, and this was my main goal, to come here and experience Finnish education.”

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Giacomo, Coordinator

Giacomo organizes courses on urban studies

Giacomo Bottà is a xenophile who lives and teaches in France, Finland and Germany. Since 2008 he has been coordinating the Helsinki Summer School’s popular course on urban studies. Last summer HSS granted him a Special Award as a sign of gratitude. When asked for his motives to return every year, he explains…

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Kanyu, China

Kanyu thinks the academic part of summer course has been especially enriching

Kanyu had a good year in 2013. While she was not able to attend the Helsinki Summer School in 2012, her wish was fulfilled in 2013. Before the Summer School, Kanyu also participated in the Finnish Science Fiction convention Finncon and travelled around Europe. At home Kanyu is a Drama student, at the University of Fudan in China. In Helsinki, she wanted to do Emotions and Interculturality, which was a newcomer in the course programme.

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Pierre, South Africa

Pierre comes from Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is currently doing Theatre and Drama at the University of Stellenbosch, which is one of the partner schools of Helsinki Summer School. In Helsinki, he participated in Intercultural Education and Communication, Moving on.

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