August 5 to 21, 2014Last update: 9 April, 2014

Helsinki Summer School arranges housing for international students. However, we cannot guarantee that we are able to book a room for everyone. In order to secure your accommodation, confirm your reservation by paying the accommodation fee as soon as possible, but no later than June 3, 2014. We do not arrange housing for Finnish students and residents of Finland.

Accommodation options:

One-room flat in Pihlajamäki

One-room flat (~20 m2) with a bathroom and shared kitchen, price: 435 EUR.
We have 33 such apartments to rent.

One-room flat (~20 m2) with a kitchenette and bathroom, price: 565 EUR.
We have 96 such apartments to rent.

Address: Vuolukiventie 1, Helsinki

Accommodation time August 1 to 22, 2014 (cannot be extended)

Pros and cons

+ The apartment is equipped with basic furnishings: bed with mattress, table and chair, wardrobe, curtains, pillow, blanket and linens
+ Basic kitchenware available in the shared kitchens
+ Basic cleaning equipment can be borrowed from the reception
+ Launderette and sauna, located in the building, are free of use
+ Free broadband Internet connection (LAN) in every apartment. Prepare to bring a LAN cable with you.
+ Location best for the students studying in the University of Helsinki Viikki campus.
+ Bus 71 from the Helsinki Central Railway Station stops close to Vuolukiventie
+ Reception open on weekdays between 8am - 3.30 pm

- Pihlajamäki is further away from the Helsinki city center and the universities' campuses (except the University of Helsinki Viikki campus, see above):

  • 30-min bus ride (11 km) away from the Helsinki city center
  • 30-min bus ride away from the University of Helsinki city center campus,
  • 1-hour bus ride away from Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus in Espoo

- Cleaning is not included to the price. Cleaning is part of the occupant’s responsibilities.


Room options:

A bed in a "Backpackers" twin room, price: 505 EUR/ person
A bed in a "Eurohostel" twin room, price: 560 EUR/person
A "Eurohostel" single room at Helsinki's Eurohostel, price: 860 EUR

Address: Eurohostel, Linnankatu 9, FI-00160 HELSINKI
Accommodation time: August 4 to 22 (if you wish to extend your stay, please contact the hostel)
More information:

Pros and cons

+ Great location, only one kilometer away from the University of Helsinki’s main building and Helsinki city center
+ All prices include a daily buffet breakfast, linens, towels, and morning & evening sauna
+ Eurohostel single room: includes also improved sound isolation, new furniture and tv (can also be used for browsing internet for 4 EUR/day)
+ Communal kitchens, toilets and showers on every floor
+ A wireless Internet connection (WLAN/WiFi), available for: 5 EUR/1 day, 15 EUR/4 days
+Reception open 24/7

- Only few single rooms available
- Shared showers, toilets and kitchen

How to pay

All accommodation fees must be paid in advance. The final deadline for the payments is June 3, 2014. Your reservation will be confirmed only after the accommodation fee has been paid fully. You can make your payment by credit card. Read more

Organising your own accommodation

You can also arrange your own accommodation.

One option is Forenom's accommodation in the Herttoniemi area in Helsinki.

You can also check Visit Helsinki's extensive list of different accommodation options in Helsinki.