August 5 to 21, 2014Last update: 21 February, 2008

Alumni testimonials

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about what a great time they had at Helsinki Summer School! 

“Helsinki is a fantastic city and the university exceeded my expectations, I am used to a very high standard of teaching at Oxford but felt like the teaching here was definitely on par with that. In terms of facilities, I would argue that Helsinki University is actually better equipped! The Finnish university system has impressed me greatly.”
Natalie, England

“Absolutely fantastic and smooth communication process starting from the exchange of our first emails to today. The daily HSS newsletter is also great! So thanks to the wonderful, professional people answering my emails and preparing these newsletters!”
Milosz, Poland

“The course surpassed all my expectations. It was demanding, but thoroughly enjoyable because we worked in groups and on ‘real-life’ cases which engaged all of the group members and encouraged the exchange of ideas and experiences. The HSS staff were brilliant, always there, always smiling, always pleasant. They seemed to take real pride in their work.”
Claire, England

“I really enjoyed my stay in Helsinki. It was a great opportunity to meet many new people from other countries. We come from different backgrounds but really share so many of the same interests. I also liked the activities, because there was always something going on and something fun to do. The Finnish university system seems to be really modern, and it’s full of opportunities.”
Tina, Germany

“The course fully met if not exceeded my expectations. The presentations and lectures were extremely relevant in providing material for practical group work and they were a natural source of discussion. I also enjoyed the free-form approach and the intensive style of the learning experience. The fact that everything happened right then and there made it challenging yet rewarding, because you always got feedback from the lecturers and other students.”
Tuomas, Finland

“Thank you for everything! I wish every European city had as interesting a summer school programme as Helsinki Summer School! The university-level full-credit courses, the students with their true desire to come together and have fun, the intense yet budget-minded social programme, which gave us a real view of Finnish culture, and such helpful staff members!”
Jon, Spain

“The computer services were excellent and so is the Alexandria Library. There were so many quiet places to study. It was also really helpful that we had round-the-clock access to the computer lab.”
Silke, Austria

“The HSS website was really informative and constantly being updated. It also contained a lot of helpful information about Helsinki. In my opinion, both the Internet and intranet sites contained all the info I needed!”
Karen, Germany

“Everybody at the info desk was really helpful and considerate to me. The registration was quick and easy, located right in the central area of the city. The daily newsletters were always interesting, with information on the social programme, activities around the city, museums, Finnish words, etc.”
Clarice, Brazil

“I liked hiking in Nuuksio National Park most, because it gave me a sense of Finnish nature. Living in a big city, Shanghai, for 22 years, it was my first visit to a national park. It was fantastic!”
Tom, China