August 5 to 21, 2014Last update: 21 January, 2014

We have a great pleasure to welcome you to the Helsinki Summer School!

"The University of Helsinki is one of the leading research universities in the world. Our strength is the multidisciplinary teaching and research that generates new knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society at large. We encourage our students to innovative thinking and creative interaction with the surrounding world. The Helsinki Summer School courses offer you a great possibility to get to know our diverse range of study fields and to participate in the academic life in Helsinki.

Helsinki Summer School has established itself as a highly valued academic summer event. Now is the perfect chance for all of you to learn more, make new friends, and, above all, experience everything Helsinki has to offer!"

Anna Mauranen
Vice Rector
University of Helsinki

"Aalto University is a multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, technology business, art, design and architecture. The university will provide high-quality research and education and create an internationally attractive environment for learning and research. Aalto will focus its research on major global issues.

At Aalto you can experience an environment where student-led initiatives are encouraged and supported from start-ups to nano-satellite projects. Our belief is that education must offer opportunities, rather than ready-made
solutions. Our students can build their own study paths based on their interests, career objectives, and strengths. We create a new foundation for multidisciplinary learning: an inspiring culture that encourages to ongoing learning process.

Alumni of Aalto are strongly involved in developing our university and their support for our students is active. Our graduates have consistently been well-employed in varying types of demanding expert positions.

Welcome to make your dreams and visions come true. Experience your Helsinki and have fun!"

Martti Raevaara
Vice President, Academic Affairs (Education)
Aalto University

"Hanken School of Economics is an internationally accredited university where research of internationally high standard is conducted. Hanken is often characterised as an extended family, and the population of 2400 students really enables an open study atmosphere where barriers between different stakeholders are low, be it between students, faculty, alumni or the business community. During semesters a mix of domestic students, international degree students and exchange students collaborate in international classrooms. Throughout our activities Hanken maintains close links to the corporate world and we take pride in promoting social responsibility on all levels.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Helsinki!"

Professor Karen Spens
Hanken School of Economics